Healthcare in St. Kitts

Just got off work. It’s 11:30 PM, that’s PM. Started at 8:30 AM, that’s AM! I’m not letting anything go out to the press that I don’t personally see. At least that is what I’m trying to do. Thursday is our deadline day and everything seems to come in at the last minute. The boss sends late articles that need to be edited, and other articles come in at the last minute, or I have to finish my own material.

So, copy is still coming in at 9 p.m., maybe later. I don’t own a watch and there are no clocks, except cellphones, in the building, so the exact time is a little hazy. And throwing another variable in, my fuel tanks for my gas stove ran out of fuel – right when I was trying to cook a meat loaf and boil the skins off some ripe mangos for some more jam. Walked over to Ms. Williams and her son was over shortly to take away the empty containers. When I returned much later, new tanks were in place, and I’m right now heating up dinner – it’s almost midnight for crying out loud!

Interesting week, medically speaking. Had some blood drawn Tuesday for an HIV test, and the laboratory experience was interesting. Wednesday, we had to go to St. Kitts to get a TB test. We meaning Julio’s wife, Troy from the office and Julio’s son. I was told it was a “skin scraping,” which was somewhat baffling, but whatever. Turns out it was just a shot into the forearm and tomorrow they tell me if I’m infested. To four different places/people, on two different islands, to get and analyze two simple tests. Awesome!

Pictures here are from the trip to St. Kitts. Ferry is about $8 each way, takes about 45 minutes. St. Kitts didn’t look like much, bigger than Charlestown, and with taxi drivers asking for your fare, and a Church’s and KFC. We walked from the ferry terminal about four blocks to a small building where there was  a medical clinic. The doctor gave me a hard time for not having all the tests done there. I just said I was following directions. He stuck the needle in my arm and then I went out for a walk. There was a store that was advertising fishing tackle, but nothing there I wanted. They had casting nets but they were more expensive than on Nevis.

Found a store to buy some mints because I didn’t feel right coming over on the ferry, even in easy seas, and the trip back would be with more winds and waves. The mints did the job.

On the way back, following Troy, we stopped at the KFC, which seemed like it was a sort of ritual, so I ordered a three-piece meal. About $8. But it was good.

Now, it’s late, or early on a Friday morning.

Oh, and got paid today. Two weeks, with a check, that I’m told I can cash at the bank of the check with two IDs. Maybe now I can stop living off my savings. Oh, and a co-worker says he can help me get my back pain medicine. However, this is one of the pictures my “I guess she’s an ex” girlfriend posted on Facebook today.

dewi black on table


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  1. 2bagsandapack says:

    Knew she was going back to the bars. The only way she can make any money. She has no education. Nadda. And everyone wants an education certificate, so she’s out of luck. Very smart just no formal education. My plan is to reschedule my return flight for Nov. When I put in 5 months here I get all of my plane fare refunded. That’s more than $2000. Then I can use the return ticket to go back. If she finds another boyfriend by then I can find another girl in Batam (there are several who would welcome me back gladly) or do what I was planning to do before this job came along – move to Philippines.

  2. Anthony Flagiello says:

    So your girl friend went back to work? Or is she trying to tell you something? I’m sure you didn’t sleep very well that night. If it were me I’d be on the next plane back money isn’t everything especially if your honey really cares for you.Ant

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