The “Observer” car


Here you have my car. It’s really a community car for editorial that I can take home after work. It is ready to fall apart. But I realized tonight that it is known in the community.

I tried fishing once again at Pinney’s Beach, using the small fish I had caught Saturday as cut bait. I don’t like to fish with cut bait normally, unless it’s cut bluefish for tarpon, but it is what it is. No bites, but there was lots of baitfish activity. In fact, I could see white bait (shiners) swimming by me in what looked like a snook channel along the edge of the beach. This is all so like Florida.

Anyway, back to the car, and it’s local identity.

After standing knee-deep in the Caribbean, with no strikes on my bait, I decided to stop by the Double Deuce, an open air bar right at the beach. There were a few people there, expats and locals, and Jimmy from the office was playing at the pool table. He was playing with his three sons, with his wife looking on. Ordered a beer, a Carib, made here. It went down fast, so ordered another, this time from a 45-something local woman who recognized my car. Then I met the Western owner, Mark. The place has flags from all over the world, just like Goodies, and I mentioned the connection.

I’m getting the impression people here don’t expect anyone like me working for the Observer to last very long. They obviously don’t know me.

But it was interesting to learn that my presence will be noted simply by the car I arrive in.

I also met the owner of the Double Deuce, Mark, and we had a short discussion. He told me when they were closed (Sunday evening, Monday) and mentioned a bit of their menu (an 8-ounce burger and fries costs about $14. Their pool table is small. Mark said they catch tarpon right off the beach and said there were also snook. Sounds familiar.

As I left, his partner /wife(?) said goodnight Observer man.

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  1. Anthony Flagiello says:

    maybe the wife or partner is looking for a new pole to fish with maybe she could show you where those fish are biting? And who’s the little rug rat ? And what happened to the previous news paper men? I’ll try you on Skype so we can talk I hate typing.Ant

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