Jumaya’s new shoes

After a long day at work, much of it driving around to do some reporting, I went to the department store at the end of the day to find Jumaya some shoes. Wanted something really flashy but all they had was all black or all white. Chose the black and managed to get just the right size, a little big so he can grow into them. The sales girl must have thought I was nuts, showing my flat hand and saying I wanted just a little bit bigger. We figured it out. He had totally blown out his only pair of shoes and was walking around with oversized, lime green rubber shoes.  think he was happy, but now I can’t get rid of him.

Also, the cable TB and Internet (yeah!) was hooked up in my apartment today. Good high-speed Internet, too. I’m finally able to post here at home instead of sitting outside the office early in the morning siphoning off the company Wifi. Anyway, here’s my new friend and his new shoes.

DSC_1258 DSC_1259

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  1. askewebb says:

    Cute little boy 🙂

      Elisabeth Webb, 

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