Daily Archives: July 22, 2014

Jumaya’s new shoes

After a long day at work, much of it driving around to do some reporting, I went to the department store at the end of the day to find Jumaya some shoes. Wanted something really flashy but all they had … Continue reading

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Random thoughts – Nevis edition 1

This morning, before I went to work at 7 a.m., my neighbor, not sure if it was Janice or Huggins, shouted out from her back door, “Good morning,” and then, “Do you like mangos?” Now, I’m not really a fan … Continue reading

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The “Observer” car

Here you have my car. It’s really a community car for editorial that I can take home after work. It is ready to fall apart. But I realized tonight that it is known in the community. I tried fishing once … Continue reading

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