A solo tour of Nevis

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Woke up Sunday morning early, made some coffee, packed up a Danish and headed fornevis map town to try fishing at Gallows Bay Beach, next to the ferry terminal. Didn’t bother, as it is shallow and protected and, therefore, would most likely have only small fish. Downtown was empty, allowing me to drive around unbothered. Decided to head to Pinney’s Beach and beyond to find other beaches to fish.

I was in no hurry and stopped several times along the road for photos, before coming to Ft. Ashby beach. Gave fishing a try with my cut bait from the day before but no luck. There were some pelicans diving about 100 yards offshore and I did see a school of baitfish thrashing about, both good signs.

Continued my journey, now determined to tour the whole island. I was already feeling comfortable driving on the left side of the road, albeit there was very little traffic. Tried a few sides roads, which tended to be dicey for car travel. The south side of the island is fairly steep to the ocean and not densely populated. About the time I thought I had found a densely populated town, it turned out to be Charlestown. I had made the complete circuit and didn’t know it.

Later, I plan to go to Pinney’s Beach for some fishing and maybe to Double Deuce to check it out and have a beer.

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