Day 3 in Jogja – Prambanan and more shopping

We had another busy day on tap for our third day in Yogyakarta (Jogja), starting with an Indonesian buffet breakfast of strong coffee, orange drink, tofu, chicken, fruit, and noodle and cabbage soup. Ihksan was early, as usual, and we headed off for more shopping.

Our initial destination was another Borobudur Silver store, this one in town. Kim found

Tallying up the purchase

Tallying up the purchase

that the prices often were lower at this store, probably because the other one was near Borobudur and thus more accessible to tourists. She had kind of a field day here, as she was finally understanding just how far her money would go. We spent a good deal of time at this store, me having coffee and wandering the street outside while the girls shopped. Kim ended up with more than 50 items, and Dewi found a nice bracelet and ring to go with her necklace from the day before. It was a big sale for the store.

Then it was on to Prambanan, the Hindu temple. The price for admission for foreigners is Rp 207,000 (about $18) and Rp 30,000 for Dewi (and also for me, who remembered my work permit this time and entered on the Indonesian rate). We opted not to hire a guide but when weDSC_0733 entered a young lady approached me to offer her services as an intern guide. Only a tip was needed for this service. The Prambanan structures are impressive the first time around but this was my second time, so I just followed along taking pictures. They had closed the main structure, however, which was open the last time I was here, and so the statue of the “beautiful princess” that caused a king to build the temple could not be seen. Dewi was not happy.

Outside the temple there is a large crafts market and the girls did some more shopping, while I waited at the exit. Ihksan helped me find a Bintang, I bought a box of bakpia pastries, and we sat at the exit watching the people go by while I ate my snack with the cold beer on a hot day.

Eventually, Kim and Lena emerged from the market jungle, bags of goodies in hand. Lena

More photos with the locals

More photos with the locals

was wielding two small guitars. The girls’ presence sparked another picture session with some young Indonesians. Dewi eventually joined us, but only for more money to buy a few items.


Lunch in the rice fields

It was lunch time when we left and Ihksan had picked out an awesome spot for a break – a restaurant out in the rice paddies (Satria), with the dining area built of bamboo, wood and thatch, and overlooking a the rice fields. A nice rain came along to cool the air as we feasted on a delicious meal of mango fried fish, nasi goreng, chicken soup, and barbeque duck with noodle soup (for me). Along with a Bintang for me and some red wine for Kim.

After lunch, we went back to crash for a bit at the hotel before venturing out to Malioboro Street that night for more shopping. Too tired again to go out for dinner, we either ordered room service or found some street food.

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