A vagabonder’s birthday

Sunday was my birthday. And Father’s Day. And the first time in many years that I had family around for either. It was so great that my daughter and granddaughter could come to Indonesia to visit. Such a treat for me and them. But more on that in a later post.

We had a small group for drinks and dinner at Goodies. I brought out my bottle of tequila for celebratory shots and we listened to the live music as we chatted. I tried one of the chef’s weekly specials, a home-made dumpling pasta stuffed with cream cheese and anchovy paste.

My daughter Kim had apparently conspired with Chef Marco to bake a chocolate cake, with chocolate frosting, and it was paraded out once the meal was done – along with the entire kitchen staff, the Goodies Girls and the other staff and guests in the restaurant. Quite chaotic and lots of fun. They even dragged me out to the dance floor.

The highlight may have been when the kitchen staff came out. I don’t have much interaction with them, and know few of their names. In the past, when I went on trips, I would always buy gifts for the Goodies Girls and office staff but not the kitchen staff. This time, I ordered some USA flag bandanas for everyone – the bandanas because the kitchen staff wears them, ala Chef Marco, and I thought the girls could also make good use of them. Kim brought them with her from the U.S. Boy did they turn out to be popular. When the kitchen staff came out with the cake, they were ALL wearing the new bandanas. I almost cried.

Tomorrow, we fly to Yogyakarta. Reports will follow.

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  1. Anthony Flagiello says:

    Congrats on your birthday! Oh and happy fathers day I didn’t even know it was fathers day until I got a e mail from my daughter. I did talk with her on fathers day on Skype. That was the highlight of the day. That was nice to have your daughter and grand daughter there for your birthday and coincidently being fathers day. Emilia’s birthday is tomorrow but we really don’t have anyway of celebrating except to be with each other. Now every birthday is just a reminder how much closer I am to the end and I’m not a fatalist but I guess my present state of affairs helps in my out look . Maybe down the road will be better only time will tell. Happy belated birthday it looks like your daughter was happy to see you that’s great. Be well,Ant

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