Party time at kampung bule

Batam is hosting warships from 17 countries this week for some disaster response exercises and with all those sailors perhaps getting shore leave, I thought the bar district (kampung bule) would be a hive of activity Saturday night. So despite the fact I’m prone to leave my camera lying around when I’m out drinking and socializing, I thought I would venture out to take some pictures.

The bars were certainly ready for the visitors, with all the streets blocked off (can you say block party) and tables and tents set up in the streets. But while it certainly did seem like a party atmosphere, the sailors were nowhere in sight Friday and Saturday nights. but there were still plenty of women to photograph and I know how many people following this blog like it when I post pictures of the local women. So here are a few shots.

An added bonus is that the camera is like bees to honey with the ladies. They love to pose and it’s a great way to meet and get phone numbers. Sometimes it’ gets nuts with numerous women wanting the attention of my lens. Of course, now I have to distribute photos to as many of the ladies as I can.


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  1. 2bagsandapack says:

    The tongue thing seems to be a favorite way of posing. Plus, they were pretty wasted.

  2. Anthony Flagiello says:

    What’s that tongue thing going on?

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