Dinner at Goodies

I have learned that when Via shows up at my apartment in a nice dress that “we” haveDSC_2606 lite plans for the evening, and that was the case Saturday night when she arrived in a short, black, frilly number and black high heels. “Where we going?” I asked.

“My friend Dewi and her boyfriend come over for dinner at Goodies,” was the response. “Is that OK?”

Of course it’s OK, I responded, hoping that I wasn’t buying dinner for four.

Turns out she has more than one friend by that name (or I just didn’t understand the name she gave). I was expecting the Dewi I’ve already met, who now works at the New Place bar in kampong bule, but this Dewi was someone new. This one used to work with Via at the Ice Pub bar. She brought her friend, Mike, a rugged-looking Scottish guy, with a shaved head and tattoos on his arms.

Mike was nice enough but it was difficult having a conversation with the live band blaring poorly done American pop and rock, and also trying to sort out his accent from the English I could understand. I find the Scots the most difficult English speakers to understand from Western countries. I did understand that he works in the Nongsa area, on the east end of the island, and this was his first visit to Goodies. Think he is in the shipbuilding industry.

The girls, meanwhile, bantered throughout the evening in Indonesian, while Mike and I sipped on our Jack Daniels and Diet Coke.

Next to us was a long table of a dozen Australians, male and female, who brought along five children of various ages. The kids had a great time abusing the pool table, frequently rocketing balls over the rim and clanking along the black slate floor. It’s a wonder the balls (or the table) can take such treatment, but the kids regularly do this to the table while their parents sit by, oblivious to the treatment of such a rather expensive “toy.” The table and the pool cues, however, are showing the wear and tear of such activity and will need refurbishing soon.

Despite the disruptions, dinner was enjoyed by all. I treated myself to the chef’s beef tagliato, Via had tom yung soup (oxtail soup), Dewi had another Indonesian soup, and Mike quickly devoured a triple-decker cheeseburger, which he first compressed by hand from a 7-inch-high burger to something more resembling a McDonald’s single cheese.

And after dinner, it was time for the ubiquitous photos. The girls enlisted Goodies waitress Ria to take some shots with their phones and I joined in with my camera. Have I mentioned how much I like my new 18×105 zoom lens? It takes great close-ups.

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