A2 food court in Batam

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Ventured out this evening (Saturday) to savor some local seafood. Our original destination was the Windsor food court, where I’ve been several times, but a tip from our chef at Goodies made us change to the A2 food court in the Baloi district. Right next door to the BCC Hotel. I was told this was a Chinese food court but on inspection it appears  mostly to be a typical Indonesian food court that is located in a predominantly Chinese section of town. The place was packed – mostly with Chinese Indonesians.

Via was looking for crab. We ordered black pepper crab (with seconds), steamed prawns,DSC_2280 baby keylan, nasi (rice) and a large Bintang.

The procedures here were a bit different from the Windsor, where they have beer girls who cater to your (almost) every whim and stand, or sit, at your table through your whole dinner. It seemed less friendly at A2 – but the food was good. For example, there was no one to greet us when we arrived and we had to find our own table. At the Windsor, you usually can count on several beer girls to met you as you enter, to escort you to a table and to hang around chatting. They will also bring you menus, beer and your order. Not so at A2. In fact, we had a hard time even getting a waitress to notice us and to bring menus. The food was comparable to the Windsor, as were the prices.

After dinner, it was dessert at Goodies – a banana split for Via and a cafe mocha with a shot of Jack for me.

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