Christmas Eve 2013

My second Christmas in Batam, Indonesia. We had a large crowd for dinner Christmas Eve, including a company party for about 80 people. My job was to run around and take pictures. Via joined me for dinner. She had tom yam kung, a spicy Thai soup. I tasted it and almost caught on fire. I opted for something with less fire – fried salmon chunks, scalloped potatoes and salad. Here are some photos. There are a few of a street party two houses up from my apartment. This was to welcome a new baby. Very loud live and recorded music from 8am to 6pm. Rattled my walls.

Goodies gets a big makeover for Christmas. Lots of decorations, a few trees, a special tent in case of rain. We had a big crowd Dec. 24 and expect another one for our Christmas buffet – turkey, ham, seafood, beef, chicken, pork, appetizers,veggies, desserts, wine (US$28 plus tax). Via has invited two of her friends and we will share.

We provided a Santa for the company party (Sean, one of our regulars and Risma’s boyfriend). You’d of thought these adults were a bunch of kids the way they scrambled to sit on Santa’s lap and have their photos taken. We will be doing the same thing Christmas day, except it will be the local kids visiting with Santa and he will give each child a gift – and then they all get ice cream and a drink.

More photos later and MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!!!

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