Unexpected fun at Goodies

Tuesday, Oct. 15, was a religious holiday here in Indonesia, which meant the bars were closed Monday night until late. Therefore, Goodies Restaurant was pretty busy for a Monday night, including two women I hadn’t seen there before. They were sitting with Harry, an Aussie, and his local girlfriend, Eren.

As I was sitting by myself and Harry was sitting with three lovely women he couldn’t communicate with, it wasn’t long before I was invited to join their table. One of the Goodies newcomers I recognized as Anna, a lady I went out with one time. The other, whose name is Lena, I later learned had recently moved from Jakarta because the money-making prospects were better in Batam. She worked in a hair salon in Jakarta and now was working at the Mad Cow bar in kampung bule. Anna works at the Asylum bar next door to the Mad Cow. I don’t know where Eren works but since she can be seen every night night with Harry I can only assume she has moved in.

Anyway, Anna was not friendly but the other two were having a good time. They eventually decided to play pool, not very well, but it was entertaining when they started climbing on top of the table.

The four of us closed out Goodies but not before we all went for a swim, Harry and I in our shorts, Eren in a bikini and Lena in her underwear. The wait staff probably thought weird things about Mr. Ken and Mr. Harry when they turned out the lights and headed for home. We did the same shortly afterward.

Here are a few pictures from the evening:

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