Bikini Tensions Mar Islamic Games in Indonesia

This story would be funny if it wasn’t so tragic. I guess U.S. evangelicals would be the opposite – wanting to watch women with little clothing on. This article is from Agence France-Presse and was reprinted in The Jakarta Globe.

The Islamic Solidarity Games open in Indonesia this weekend following a chaotic run-up, with controversy over female athletes competing in sports bikinis adding to the turmoil. Some nations demanded that all women cover up for the beach volleyball, track and field, and swimming events, but organizers have refused to axe the two-piece sporting outfits.

“If some countries do not want to use the bikini, that’s fine, but if other countries want to, we will allow that,” senior organizing committee member Djoko Pramono told AFP. “We agreed to apply international rules, including the dress code.”

Thousands of athletes from 44 nations with Muslim populations will come together for the games, but only those ruled by Islamic governments opposed the bikini, Pramono said, adding they complained collectively. He did not mention the countries which complained by name.

This year is the second time the games have been held, the first in Saudi Arabia, where not only were there no bikinis, but men and women competed on separate days and men were barred from watching women swim.


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  1. 2bagsandapack says:

    I’m sure American imperialism in the Middle East has something to do with it.

  2. Anthony Flagiello says:

    I would assume all muslims aren’t a pain in the ass but I’m starting to doubt it. Now we don’t have a cold war we have muslims. When did the muslims start being so in the news years ago I don’t remember hearing about Islamic bombings.

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