The island of Nias in North Sumatra

nias island

Wave-riders all over the world dream of surfing at a place like the North Sumatran island of Nias. With two of the best surf spots in the world – “The Point” and “Indicator” – Nias’s Lagundri Bay offers year-round swell and challenging waves. As more professional and amateur surfers flock to the island for summer and winter trips, Nias is developing its tourist industry to cater to the rise in visitors. Surf camps, such as Double H Surf Camp, are being set up. Situated directly front of Indicator and 50 meters away from The Point, the camp also has an excellent views of Lagundri Bay. Double H provides full lodging services and generous meals. There is also ready access to instructional guides and surf equipment. Even if you’re a beginner, you can still try to ride Nias’s rolling waves on the beach’s calmer spots. For non-surfers, fishing and diving opportunities are in easy reach.  (Burufly Photo)

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  1. Jack Richard says:

    Thanks for the info buddy… I love to surf southern Sumatra.. I have been there many times for surf camp in Sumatra with my friends… I will now try Nias toooo….

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