Are you putting in roots if you start a garden?

I’ve finally found a small piece of ground on the Smiling Hill property that I can put aDSC_0445 garden in. It’s behind the new Goodies kitchen and restaurant extension, on the edge of the hill that drops off to a shanty village and the McDermott industrial yard below.

It’s going to take a lot of work just to get it started. There are more rocks than dirt as the area has been used for dumping construction debris over the years. I spent about an hour Wednesday after work justDSC_0447 moving large rocks around to form a border, as well as pulling smaller stones out of the muck (lots of rain lately) with my hands. Tough work with my bad knee. The mosquitoes didn’t help either.

I had the foresight before I visited the U.S. in April to order some seeds to be delivered to my daughter’s place in N.C. Tomato, squash, peppers, cucumbers, Chinese cabbage, herbs, beans. I had already put some to use in three planters I bought but this new space will be better and I can use the planters to start seeds. But first I need a spade, rake and maybe a heavy-duty digging fork, plus lots of soil and peat moss.

Now I have a cat and a garden. And maybe a girlfriend, at least part-time. Sounds semi-permanent.

And last night was Ladies Night at Goodies again, but we only had 7 women in the tournament. This may be because many people are heading back to their villages during Ramadan, as Re did earlier this week. But here are a few shots from last night:

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