4th of July and ladies pool

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Even though there are relatively few Americans living on Batam, we have a special celebration and food for the 4th of July at Goodies Restaurant. This year, the 4th happened to fall on Thursday, which is also our Ladies Night and Ladies 8-ball tournament time – so we had a big crowd once again.

The special menu included southern deep-fried turkey and cranberry sauce (although the latter was served hot instead of chilled), hot dogs and chili dogs, and Texas chili.

Ladies night is quickly becoming a hit here, as is the ladies pool tournament. We had our biggest field yet last night, 15 players, with several new ladies participating. Nike beat Melvi in the final game, which had bystanders cheering or moaning on nearly every shot.

The expats are beginning to realize that Thursday night is a great opportunity for eye candy and to meet women, many who come on Thursday nights to meet the expats. The guys also are clamoring for their own tournament, which we will be starting after Ramaden. It will be 9-ball.

Despite the power going off in the entire complex midway through the tournament, the generator kicked in and everyone continued having a merry time.

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  1. 2bagsandapack says:

    I did comment to the two women that they were sitting on my flag but it didn’t register. Oh well.

  2. I think most of our Founding Fathers would roll over in their graves if they saw people wearing the American flag … except for Ben Franklin. He would buy them a drink.

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