New kitchen, power outages and ladies pool

Lots going on here. The new, expanded kitchen for Goodies has finally been completed, with the kitchen staff moving all the ovens, etc., from the former space in the middle of the night so as not to impact customer service.DSC_0299

We are also in the process of moving our Web site to a new hosting company, but the transfer is being complicated by Internet and power outages. Last week, we had long power blackouts on three consecutive days. We found out that the local power company did not have enough fuel to keep the generators running so they instituted rolling blackouts across the island. They had the generating capacity, just not enough fuel. Good planning, guys!

One day, we were without power for about eight hours. Fortunately, we have a generator to keep Goodies operational, but with our new Internet service when the power goes off we cannot get service anywhere on the property. Previously, we could get Internet at Goodies because of the generator.

The Smiling Hill apartments are filling up and two more buildings are in the renovation process. One of our new tenants is Jim, an American from the West Coast who is a professional graphic designer. He’s in his mid-50s and is an investor in Smiling Hill who decided he would relocate and try to start his business here.

Jim and I have bonded a little and I’ve introduced him to the kampong bule (bar district), where he has struck out so far. Come to think of it, I’m not doing so well myself recently. Jim took a trip to Bali this week and I’ll be interested to hear his take on the “bali”hooed and overly commercial “tropical paradise.”

We are getting close to the month-long Ramadan (starts this year on July 9), when Muslims fast all day. Business at Goodies will pick up substantially, since most of the restaurants in town will be closed during the day. Last year, our sales were 30% better during Ramadan than in the months before and after Ramadan.

At the end of Ramadan is Hari Raya, sort of a Muslim Christmas, when people go home to be with friends and family, and there’s a lot of gift-giving. This time around should be less taxing on my wallet, since I don’t have a girlfriend.

Speaking of women, this week’s Ladies Night at Goodies was our best yet, with a large crowd and 14 players in the ladies 8-ball tournament. The ladies were not so dressed up this week as in the past. They seem to arrive later each week, and that, plus the number of participants, pushed the end of the contest to almost midnight. A long day. A few pictures here:

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