The Awful Waffle

More news from North Carolina, where it is wet and chilly:

One of the food sensations not available in Indonesia (but can be found at most Interstate exits in the U.S.) is the interesting fare at Waffle House. Sunday morning, I suggested we have breakfast there instead of at home, so off we went to first pick up Lena at her friend’s house and then find an Interstate exit. Lena couldn’t be woken so we (Jim, Danny and I) headed for the Awful Waffle.

I decided on the “sampler” breakfast, the All-Star, with a waffle, bacon, eggs, raisin toast and grits (instead of hash browns scattered and smothered). Awfulsome!

Saturday, I did a little shopping on my own. Borrowed a car and hoped I wouldn’t get lost. New Adidas Superstars, shorts, a specail gift for my hosts, and some computer comparison shopping. Looks like I’ll wait until I return to Batam to replace the stolen laptop. More expensive here.

After Sunday breakfast, Lena (granddaughter) had a recital at her music school (Asheville Music School). About 15 kids gave recitals in front of family and friends. Kinda cute. Little kids singing and playing instruments (guitar, piano, violin, cello, saxaphone). Mostly it was bad karaoke but fun. Lena sang Skinny Love and played guiter. Thought I did a video but now have to figure out how to download it if i did indeed film it right.

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