Want a cheap movie?

Periodically, when I walk around the local mall, I see small shops selling “DVDs.” These are basically 10×20-foot cutout stores with DVDs hanging from the walls and from temporary stands. All kinds of movies, including the latest U.S. hits.

I have been reluctant to venture inside, mostly because I thought the selections would be limited to B-rated flicks, or very old movies. Or because the price might be too high or the quality too low. None of that is true.

With all the recent attention being paid to several movies garnering significant awards attention, and because I was keenly interested in viewing two of the new movies, I decided to check one of these stores out. It was on the same trip to the mall when I picked up my new laptop.

Turns out, you don’t even have to go inside. A young woman will usually meet you at the open entrance, ask what you are looking for, retrieve the requested movie, and then try to upsell you on buying five. The reason for the upsell – you can get extra movies for free when you buy five.

On that initial foray, I bought “Lincoln,” “Skyfall” and “Zero Dark 30,” the three I was most interested in. The woman quickly found my choices and tried to sell me on buying five. “Do not need,” I said several times before she was convinced.

On my next trip to the mall, I purchased “Hungar Games” and “Argo,” the latter because it was winning so many awards.

What did I pay for each of these pirated DVDs? 10,000 rupiah each, or $1 U.S. All five for $5.

And by the way, Lincoln is excellent, Zero Dark 30 is interesting, with a great finish, and Skyfall is typical Bond. Hungar Games is not what I expected, but OK. Halfway through Argo, I’m not impressed.

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