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I don’t know why I’m doing this – maybe as a backup for retirement – but I’ve started a new Web site – Asheville Arts & Lifestyle. It’s basically an online newspaper, with the applications provided by Zoom Village ( Anyone can start a similar site in any town/city in the U.S., if the town/city is still available. Only one person per city allowed. The program is pretty comprehensive, yet easy to use, and includes an automated advertising component. I plan to use citizen journalists and aggregated content for this site. I recommend that my journalist friends might want to check it out. Here’s the intro article on the site (

Welcome to Asheville Arts & Lifestyle (AA&L), an online source of information about Asheville’s burgeoning arts and crafts, events, tourism, dining and community activities. Founded by longtime magazine editor and publisher Ken Anderberg, AA&L is a forum for Asheville’s arts and lifestyle communities, with most content contributed by those in the community.

AA&L will bring you news of the Asheville arts community, music activity, a schedule of community events, tourist destinations, the best and most-interesting dining experiences, sports, and various lifestyle activities. Community journalists will provide the bulk of the articles and photos in AA&L, including topic-specific bloggers who will provide new information, opinion and analysis throughout the month.

Our intent is to tap into the tremendous writing and photography talent resident in the Asheville area to inform and entertain our audience. Contributions are welcome and are easy to accomplish. Simply click on the “Submit news” button above and enter your headline and article for approval by an editor.

  • Your article will appear in the Asheville Arts & Lifestyle between the Publish Date and Expiration Date. After that, it will still be available in the news archives.
  • You can add photos, videos and links to this article.
  • In the Article Text, you may use HTML tags for links, italics, boldface and block quotes.
  • If the byline is displayed, it will link to the author’s profile. You can edit your profile by clicking My Account.
  • Blog posts are published immediately upon an editor’s approval.
  • There are simple instructions at this location. Your photos will also appear in our “Photo Gallery.”

If your organization has an upcoming event, click on the “Add a place or event” button and fill out the form. It’s real easy.

Asheville Arts & Lifestyle also includes an online “Community Store.” Any registered user may submit a product, but an editor must approve each product before it appears in the store. Fees for selling products work like this:

  • Businesses and individuals pay 5% of their sales (excluding shipping fees) to AA&L.
  • If you promise to donate at least 10% of your product’s sales to a local non-profit, you pay no fees to AA&L.
  • Local non-profit organizations pay no fees on the sale of their products.
  • In each case, there are no listing fees, so if you sell nothing, you pay no fees of any kind.

There are simple-to-follow instructions in the Community Store section.

Asheville Arts & Lifestyles also accepts display advertising – text, squares or banners. Just click on the “Advertise” button above, fill out the form and follow the directions.

For banner ads, you will need to find or create an image that is approximately eight times as wide as it is tall. The image can be a logo or a photo. Help in creating an image is also provided here, or contact us if you’d like us to help you.

Text ads and square image ads are displayed in the left and right columns of the most commonly visited pages, such as the newspaper’s front page, news story pages and tourism guide “place” pages. Banner ads are displayed at the top and bottom of some pages, such as newspaper story pages.

When more than one banner ad is active, the ad to be displayed is selected at random each time the page is displayed. For example, if you and three other advertisers are currently running banner ads, your ad will appear about 25% of the time.

You determine how many days you want your ad to run. Advertisements are paid through PayPal, so you will need a PayPal account. The entire process is simple and inexpensive.

If you are interested in becoming an editor and regular contributor, or if you want to write a blog for AA&L, please contact the editor-in-chief.

Finally, we welcome your comments and ideas about how to make this information portal more interesting and useful to our community.


The blogger candidate must first register. You will then receive an email alert, If accepted submit your first article. Also, login, click “My Account,” and update the blog’s name and description. Initially, the blog’s name will be the same as the blogger’s real name, but the blogger may change the blog’s name.

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