Goodies renovation taking shape

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The work on the Goodies Rstaurant expansion seems like it’s taking forever. In fact, it started shortly after my arrival in Indonesia in January – and it looks like it will continue through Christmas. As the work has progressed, Smiling Hill’s “official” photographer (me) has documented the progress monthly.

The expansion will result in at least double the dining space currently available in the main dining area. A new, 50-foot bar is being built, an outside patio area is nearly complete, work continues on a new barbeque area, the pool table has been relocated and awaits renovation, and new furniture is being acquired or built. when you look at what has already been done, it seems kind of amazing that our small construction crew has accomplished so much.

Of course, weather and the Ramadan holiday caused delays, and the weather continues to do so, although to a lesser degree now that the roof is finished. We hope to have the area nearly complete for the Christmas holiday because we expect additional business at that time. Somewhere in that timeline will be a major reopening party, which I’ll have a major role in promoting and in securing sponsors. This will be a free beer, drinks and food event and is sure to draw just about every expat on the island.

We now have a new chef, Lyle, who comes to us from Bali and with more than 20 years of working in Australia. Lyle is from Montana, so I now have another American onsite. His work will be important as we expand the restaurant business. Next up: an expanded kitchen and kitchen staff.

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