Penang Day 3 – Beach day

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After a day of traveling and a day of touring, we decided to take a beach day to just relax. Of course, I had to try some fishing. So after our usual breakfast of omelette, fruit, pastry, juice and coffee, we headed down the 20 flights to the beach, which sits at the foot of the hotel. I had brought my fishing gear but lacked any bait, so had to rig up an artificial and chose a Kastmaster silver.

We found a nice, secluded area about 100 yards from the hotel, took some pictures and started fishing. The water was warm and the surf non-existent. Sun was hot but clouds, and rain, were coming. After casting a few times, a small fishing boat with two men aboard approached our position. I feared they would try to sell us something, or maybe offer to take us out so I could try to catch small fish. I really like that (sarcasm).

Instead, they were just curious – and helpful. One of the men spoke good English but he and Putrie started talking, he in Malay and her in Indo. The languages are very similar. He showed us his catch of the day, which consisted of several large silver, flat fish and a 5-gallon bucket almost filled with blue crabs. They also had a horseshoe crab, which Putrie found interesting, and a hermit crab in a large shell. This was handed to me and the fisherman explained the crab would make good bait for me to catch catfish. My lures would not work, he said. While I know about using such crabs as bait, I wasn’t interested in catching catfish, but I took the bait with thanks and they were off to sell their catch.

The crab was none too happy to have me trying to pry it out of its safe haven but eventually he gave in (in pieces) and I tried bait fishing. No luck. But I did get a burn on my shoulders from the hot equatorial sun.

That evening, we decided to try a restaurant across the street from the hotel. It turned out to be Indian food, which I’m not a big fan of. Turns out neither is Putrie, who also doesn’t like Indian people much (or anyone with dark skin).

We ordered a small grilled fish, which Putrie ate, some spicy chicken and flavored rice for me, a salad and drinks (Tiger beer for me, the Budweiser of beers here in Malaysia). I thought the food was pretty good, although the chicken was a little spicy for wimpy me. The tab was definitely agreeable, however – 53 ringit, or about $18.

Speaking of food, our room came with free breakfast every day, so every morning I would go downstairs before 10:30 to get fruit, pastry, juice and omelettes to bring back to the room. The breakfast was OK.

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