A blessing for Goodies

Nasi bungkus (a rice paste with brown sugar sauce) is prepared for the guests

We had an interesting ceremony the other day at Goodies Restaurant. The restaurant is undergoing a major expansion, with an entirely new section being added to the main dining area, effectively tripling the size of the space. The new area will have a section for a BBQ that customers can use or have the chef do the cooking, a 120-inch TV, expanded bar, and pool table area (we have a table in another location but it’s not used much and needs repair). When the expansion is completed, we plan on having a huge grand opening party, with free beer and food, all paid by sponsors. It promises to be a huge party, as Goodies is THE gathering point for the Batam expat community, and many of the locals.

The roof of the new structure is nearly complete, and so, the locals decided it was time to bless the new building. Seemed to happen almost organically. My boss wasn’t sure who organized it, but there was an imam or two in attendance, as well as most of our maid, restaurant, and construction staffs there.

At right, Dayati of Goodies pours brown sugar sauce on the rice.

Goodies provided the food for about 30 staff and guests. Here, boiled eggs and a green vegetable wait to be served.

Chicken curry

This is called nasi urap. There were two of these huge platters on the long table. Curry chicken, boiled eggs, corn chips, rice and other stuff.

The main table. There were others sitting nearby waiting to eat.

The imam is at right with the white shirt, cap and boy in his lap. He gave a prayer of a few minutes blessing the new building.

This will give a perspective of the size of the food platters.

And, finally, everyone digs in.

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