Protests in perspective

While watching media reports might lead one to believe the entire Muslim world is enflamed over the stupid anti-Islamic YouTube video, the truth is that a very small percentage of people in each country are participating in the protests. There is no general “we hate America” attitude in the vast majority of the populations in countries where the protests are occurring. As an example, here is a photo of the protest in Jakarta:

Hundreds of protesters from the Islamic People’s Forum (FUI), the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) and other Muslim groups march down Jalan M. H. Thamrin in Central Jakarta toward the US Embassy nearby on Monday, in a protest against the anti-Islamic movie “Innocence of Muslims.” The protest turned violent when a radical faction of the group attacked police.

Now, please note where the group of protesters start and end (see cars in back where protest group ends). This is a small group. The caption says “hundreds” but there appears to be maybe 100 here. Even smaller groups protested in other Indonesian cities. The number of protesters in Cairo and Benghazi, and other cities, also were small.

While I do feel there is some resentment in many countries pertaining to American imperialism, portraying these protests as an uprising of Muslims is just factually untrue.

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  1. Umm Amal says:

    Some people just love to blow things out of proportion. They must be perverted if they get a kick out of doing stuff like that.
    *Thanks for the articles.*

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