You can’t make this stuff up

Communication can be tricky – even when those communicating share the same language and cultural touch points. When they don’t, the results can be exasperating, frustrating and sometimes funny. I know this because miscommunication seems to part of my life here in Indonesia.

Yesterday, Mike had lunch at Goodies and ordered a ham and Swiss on a roll, with mustard on the side. Pretty straightforward, and Mike repeated his order to our waitress several times.

But when the waitress, or the person in the kitchen preparing the food don’t share your language or cultural background, then “mustard on the side” can have a completely different meaning ….

Mustard on the side (or the edges of the roll)

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  1. Steven Gray says:

    As hilarious a miscommunication as that is, all I can think of is what accommodating service Mike received.

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