Thar bar she goes!

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Batam has a “district” in the Nagoya area below Smiling Hill, the kampung bule, or

Maria is a waittress at Dirty dicks

Westerners village, where all the bules go to drink. It’s the bar district, also called the Nagoya Entertainment District.

I visit the area about once a week, on the weekend, to get out and to play some pool. I’m finding some good players. If you want female companionship, this is one of the prime areas. Each bar (very small) has a pool table, a small bar area and TVs on the walls. Usually, there are 6-7 girls working as hostesses in every bar. Bring you drinks. Play pool with you. Give you their phone number.

Anyway, my assignment, should I accept it, was to infiltrate the upper echelons of the

Bar girls

Nagoya bar district, along with my trusty sidekick, Risma. We would weave our way secretly as we grilled the principals on their business practices and business needs. The main obstacle would be drinking all the free drinks we encountered along the way.

So the three of us (one of Risma’s friends joined us – a very attractive woman already spoken for) headed for the bar district. Our purpose was to talk to bar owners about providing our menus to their customers. (I’m in my trainer mode here.) This was not a “stop by” deal. It was social, meaning sit around and chat. And most of the visits involved a free drink. I let Risma do most of the talking (all of the talking) – except when another westerner was involved.

We visited six bars. Except for the girls, they all looked the same. It was a late night, and company came over afterwards, so it was a very late night.

As if that experience wasn’t enough, I had to go back (yeah, give me the grief about

Mutya, Risma, Mery

“having” to go) the next night to attend a “grand opening” of one of the bars we visited the night before. Free drinks and food draws quite a crowd anywhere. I became slightly claustrophobic and exited the bar a couple of times, once when my female escorts disappaeared.  No worries, a taxi to home.

Saturday night, I attended another bar reopening, this time the Cock and Bull. I had three “dates” for the evening – Risma, Sumria and Della. They were all beautifully dressed and quite stunning. It certainly doesn’t hurt my reputation in town to show up at a party with three attractive women on my arm.

It was the usual crowded free drinks bar scene, and after taking the requisite photos, I

Not a bad group for Mr. Ken to do the town with. Risma, Sumria and Della

retreated to the bar across the street where I played some pool, before heading to Dirty Dicks, where I told my dates they could find me. Sure enough, all three showed up pretty snookered. I finally left them to party and hitched a ride home with Steve and his wife, who live across the street from me.

Sunday morning, I was asked to serve as the taker of the minutes for the annual meeting of the Smiling Hill board of directors. Stenographer Ken is my new title.

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