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It’s getting time for me to secure my one-year work permit, and the first task is to have a

Sarijan on one of the new Hot-to-Go motorcycles – at the pool. Sarijan is a bit of a do-everything kind of guy for Doug.

photo of myself taken. So Doug, Sarijan and I headed into town today to go to the Fuji store. Sarijan’s presence wasn’ immediately  known to me, but I would learn later why he was along. There are a number of these Fuji stores in town, providing wedding photo services, digital printing, passport photos, etc.

(Also in the photos above is a shot of Mawar, our office manager, and Sarijab, who posed for promo pics for the Hot-to-Go service we just started. We have guys on motorcycles carrying food deliveries around town, using those yellow boxes. Sarijan is kind of Doug’s do-everything guy.)

It was a hot day and the SUV A/C was not working well but it was only a short drive into town. We found the photo shop Doug was looking for and a young guy took a few shots of me in a back room. The store advertises wedding photo services and also provides digital printing and related services. The cost for four photos, printed and on a CD, the photographer’s time to take the pictures and process them, was 20,000 rupiah, about $2.20.

This man insisted I take his picture while he was helping us with the table tops.

We had other  errands to run, however, none I was informed about. First, we split with Sarijan, who went to a used furniture store to scout out tables for the restaurant. He goes ahead of Doug so that we’re not charged the bule price, as they will routinely double the price if a Westerner is buying. While we were waiting, Doug and I went into the grocery store I was introduced to two weeks ago, which is frequented almost completely by locals, not expats. So we were conspicuous. I took photos anyway.

When Sarijan called and said he had found the tables, we drove a short way to a rough-looking section of town that had several outlets for used furniture. There was also a short street with a few dilapidated shops and a few food stalls that were beginning to get ready for the nighttime trade. At one stall, there was a wood fire going, with a big pot of boiling water. One man was wrapping some kind of food in palm leaves and a second man was putting the packed leaves into the water.

When Doug had selected six table stands and six round tops, we packed the table tops into

Goodies waitress Leah, from her Facebook page

the SUV and headed back. As this is Saturday, I have the afternoon off.

Tomorrow, Risma from the staff is picking me up to do a little touring, my first venturing out with a local-local. I told her I’d like to see a real beach. At right is Leah, on the staff at Goodies, who has been very nice to me. Both ladies are now Facebook friends.

At work, I’ve somehow been able to add all the past newsletters to an archive section on the site, and now I’m creating a new site from scratch for Goodies Restaurant. Some of the skills I learned while unemployed are coming into good use.

On Wednesday, Doug and I are scheduled to go to Singapore for the day, catching the first ferry in the morning. Mawar has all my paperwork completed for a one-year work permit. My current permit expires on the 16th. We will use a “facilitator” in Singapore to run our paperwork through the process, which will take a few hours. Otherwise, I would have to stay in Singapore for a couple of days waiting for the bureaucracy to get it done. While we’re waiting, I plan to do some shopping for new clothes. I’m getting a bit tired of wearing the same clothers over and over, plus I have few shirts suitable for work, and my Adidas are already getting worn out. I’m told there are some low-price stores in Singapore we will be going to.

The trip means passing through customs and immigration when we enter Singapore, and again when we return to Indonesia, as we are entering and leaving different countries. Looks like it will be an all-day affair, company paid. I’m sure Doug has some side trips in store, as well, in Singapore. My camera will be coming along.

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