Gone fishin’

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Finally had some time (and inclination) Saturday afternoon after getting off work to head to the sea to try some fishing. Hidayet drove me to Harbor Bay where the ferry comes in. It was a warm, breezy and cloudy afternoon. There is a long boardwalk with restaurants side by side just north of the ferry landing that offered fishing access (like fishing from a pier). There was no one else there (not a good sign) and I had the corner spot to myself.

I had procured a fresh squid from the restaurant kitchen for bait. My end tackle is getting stretched so I had to gerry-rig a hook and leader. Put on a 2-ounce barrel weight and tossed it out. The water was muddy out to about 50 yards so I could not reach the clear water. The sun came out and the shirt came off. I need to reclaim my Costa Rican tan. Spent about an hour or so without even a bite. Looked like there were crabs eating my bait.

Toward the end, I attracted several local young guys as the bars behind me started opening up. Nothing like a bule fishing to draw a crowd. Walked back to the ferry terminal to catch a cab and, of course, the first cabbie to approach me wanted much more than I was told was the correct fare. I said “no”, as before, and he lowered the fare. I still said no and said I would walk, and started to do so. It’s a little over a mile back, up the hill, but well within my capabilities. I had my backpack and was wearing my Adidas, so it would not have been a problem. But the fare came down again and I took the ride.

Harbor Bay is an upscale retail and commercial development that looks like it never took off. Most of the storefronts (shophouses they call them here) were empty. The duty-free liquor store is here, as well as several bars and restaurants.

When I returned, I tried to feed some of the squid to a mother cat that has a little tiny kitten (both calicos), but she turned her nose up at the offer. Headed for the pool, with a drink and my laptop to post this report. It may be a busy night here tonight because most of the bars in town are closed for a religious holiday tomorrow. There was a big crowd here last night for free beer happy hour Friday. I’m trying not to become a bar fly.

And as to future fishing, Mark, Hidayet says he knows people who will take me out for about 300,000 rupiah for 6 hours. That’s the rate for three people, so my share would be 100,000 rupiah. Or what? $11? I hope my mints will prevent the inevitable motion sickness, but I’m willing to give it a try.

Hey, almost forgot. I got paid today. First paycheck in almost two years.

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