Off to kampung bule

Tonight, the guys went to the bar district. Doug’s been threatening to take me to “kampung

Angie at kampong bule

bule” (white man’s village) for some time and tonight he and I, and two great guys from Bahrain, went into town. Ostensibly, I was going along to meet some local business owners, make connections, get my bearings, and see what all the fuss was about the red light district.

The four of us headed into town, parked and just followed Doug into one bar after another. Basically, a pub crawl. The first one only had seven people inside. But they were all women, and we were very welcome. After some phone numbers were exchanged, and Ken played a few games of pool with two of the girls (all the bars have a table and you play for free – cool), we left for more bars. We’d go in, look around, or maybe stay for a drink. A pub crawl with a guide who knew the language, culture, and who was known by the people we met. Finally, we landed at a bar filled with expats. Must be a hangout away from the “girls,” as they were obviously absent. Played one game there with a guy who knew who I was from the newsletter and then we were off to another bar. I really lost count of how many we at least poked our heads in.  Most of these bars were about 20×30 feet, with a small bar, a few tables and chairs and the pool table. They’re lined up like dominoes along the streets. Usually, you couldn’t see inside from outside and the name of each bar seemed incidental to their purpose.

My two new friends from Bahrain didn’t come back with what they were seeking but they did get a phone number or two.

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