Expats in Athens

I’m getting a better feeling about Greece now that I’ve sent messages out to more than three dozen apartment rentals in Athens. First, there seems to be a large number of apartments available in Athens in my price range. That’s good. Second, there seem to be a lot of Anglo expats in Athens. There is an Anglo expat e-newsletter that even lists where movies in English are showing in the city. The group’s site also has a long list of apartment rentals, a second source for my search. And there are several Athens expat groups that get together on a regular basis. Finally, I have received about eight answers to my messages about rentals, all in good English. That’s a good sign.

Here are the two sites I’m using for Athens: http://athens.angloinfo.com/ and http://housing.justlanded.com/en/Greece/For-Rent_Apartments/1

So far, three of the apartment owners say their units are available for the time slot I have (Feb. 21-May 20). I’ve told them all that I will contact them just before departing Sicily. Hopefully, in the six weeks I have left here, I will turn up even more apartment possibilities. I sure don’t want to endure the stress I had in Croatia or here in finding a place to live.

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6 Responses to Expats in Athens

  1. 2bagsandapack says:

    Me? Humorous? Really? No one I know would buy that one. But thanks. BTW, you should see all the undersized towels I have hanging everywhere in the bathroom. Orange here, Blue there. As a good friend of mine always says, “it’s all good.”

  2. erikaarch says:

    It was a great angle! Keep playing it! I think everyone can relate to not having towels….
    Of course, I like the humorous stuff!

  3. 2bagsandapack says:

    Cute. Did I play out the towels theme too long? Just thought it was an interesting angle to “making do” in another country. I did, eventually, find a towel. But it did seem like an unusually long search.

  4. 2bagsandapack says:

    Thanks for the info. I’m also using a Greek-language apartment rental site.

  5. erikaarch says:

    They will probably have more towels in Athens too! How about doing a book on your worldwide search for towels? Or maybe just a short flash fiction piece. Or perhaps a comedy skit…. I couldn’t find towels in downtown Savannah either.

  6. Two notes of caution.
    — In my 13 years in Greece, I’ve never found a good apartment by using English-language listings. The best and most affordable ones are in Greek.
    — Info on AngloInfo is largely plagiarised from other sources, and the person running the Greece/Athens website was in Greece less than year before the guide was compiled by someone living in France. Just a warning.

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