Another religious holiday

“Epiphany, the arrival of the 3 kings, is celebrated January 6. In Italy, children hang their stockings the night before waiting for gifts from La Befana. Live nativities are performed around Epiphany, too.” That is from the Web, which I found after a fruitless walk trying to find a grocery open. There were none, plus the streets were strangely quiet – at 3 p.m. Must be something going on, I thought. Yup, another religious holiday.

No exploring yet

I put off my bus/train trip to another town that I planned to do this week. Just didn’t feel that adventuresome, and there’s no rush. I know, Jack, get out of my box! I will. Right now, though, the weather is not good.

Book collaboration

While I’m into the third chapter of a new novel, I’ve put that aside for awhile as I try my hand at a children’s book. I have a good idea to write about but not sure if I can pull off the language necessary for a child to understand. The book will be heavy on illustration, and for that I’ve asked my granddaughter for help. Lena is a pretty good artist and excels at cartoons. She has agreed to illustrate the book. I can’t believe I have a granddaughter old enough to do this.

Shopping season

Those of you who like after-the-holidays sales will be glad to know the stores here are all advertising 30% to 50% off sales. I don’t know how long the sales last or if the discounts get even deeper later in the month but it looks like a good time to buy clothing. Finding bargains on Corso Italia, the main street in front of my apartment building, is a question of scale, however. The stores on the street are very upscale (think Armani), so their discounts don’t necessarily make the clothes any more affordable for me. A leather jacket, for example, might be 30% off but that’s from the previous price of 850 euros. Since I have a very small amount of clothing, and because I’m wearing it out pretty quickly as a result, it may be necessary to replace some stuff. Whatever I buy, however, has to displace something else when I move. There just ain’t no room in my suitcase.

The stores, however, are not always helpful for shoppers. For example, yesterday I decided to see what bargains I could find, so I started walking. And walking. And walking. It was 2-3 p.m. Almost all the stores were closed. I did find a Chinese-owned store that was open but I was hoping for Italian-made goods. Guess I’ll have to shop either in the morning or after 4 p.m.


While I have received two pieces of mail here, I still haven’t been able to send any out. I have a check I need to mail to the States. There is a Mailboxes, Etc. a block away but they wanted to charge me 37 euro to send the letter. I don’t know why. The best option should be the post office, about five blocks away. However, every time I walk by, it’s jammed with people waiting their turn. You have to take a number and they have digital signs listing the next number up. It looks like an hour’s wait. Even if they have a stamp dispenser inside, I don’t know how much postage to apply so I’m stuck having to wait in line – when I get around to it.

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