Fishing – New Year’s Day 2012

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Having saved one squid for bait for several weeks in the freezer, waiting for Jan. 1, it was time to trek to the sea for some new year fishing. Beautiful sunny day, with temps in the lows 50s. The boardwalk runs for miles and was pretty crowded today. Generally, on Sundays, you will see a lot of people walking the boardwalk, often arm in arm, as is the custom. Along the way, you will pass a number of street vendors, mostly African, selling CDs (pirated), belts, woolen hats, purses, Persian rugs.

The spot I wanted to try was at least twice as far as my normal morning walk, but it was a nice afternoon. I picked out a piece of lava jutting out into the sea, with small inlets on either side. I could not get to sea level so perched on top of the formation and fished from at least 15 feet above the water. You can see the bottom, maybe 20 feet down, the water is so clear. No bites and a long walk back.

The highlight of the trek was finally getting a clear look at Mt. Etna, currently all aglow in her winter blanket of snow. This is an active volcano and you can see the smoke or steam coming from the top. The volcano has twice buried Catania in the past 500 years or so. In fact, Catania sits on two layers of lava and there are two rivers under the lava.

Did go out for New Year’s Eve for dinner but the trattoria I targeted was closed, as was a second. Since it was really nippy, I decided to head home to cook for myself. Didn’t seem to be much going on except for a lot of sporadic firecrackers going off.

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