A trip to centro mercato

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Decided to do the photojournalist thing today and the best place for photos of people here is the centro mercato, about a mile and a half away. Put the big lens on the Nikon (turned out to be a mistake) and headed off to be buffeted by the crowds. It was a Saturday, so there were lots of people walking the streets shopping along the way. My intent was to find a good spot in the middle of the market so I could take some candids with my telephoto. Turned out to be too busy for that plan.

My mission also included trying to find a few items of clothing – long-sleeve shirts and heavy socks. The area I first came across was a very low-price clothing section, with stands of clothing piled in a heap and people picking through to find something they liked. I joined in the mayhem, finally finding a dark blue sweatshirt – and it fits. One thing not possible here is actually trying the clothes on. There are no changing rooms, no room even in the aisles to try something on – and there are no returns. The sweatshirt cost me 3 euro.

After taking a few pictures and some videos (see my Facebook page), I fought the crowds to get to the main clothing section. This area is about 100 yards long, one long aisle with stands crowding on both sides, and people pushing against each other as they moved in opposite directions. The clothing sits in the bins and is hung overhead. I found one stand with some long-sleeve knit pullovers. The Chinese couple running the stand did a full-court press on me when I showed interest. I picked out a black pullover for 8 euro. They tried to get me to buy an XXL but I chose an XL. This was a shirt made in China and I should have remembered about sizes. The shirt fits but is pretty tight.

A few minutes later, I bumped into a guy selling socks in the middle of the aisle. Bought three pair for 4 euro. And headed back to the apartment. Getting out of the market crowd is actually harder than entering. I wonder what they thought of this tall guy standing in the middle of crowds taking pictures.

BTW, they’re gearing up for Christmas here. Lights have been strung across Corso Italia for as far as I can see, decorations are going up in the stores, and my building even has its own tree. I’ll try to get some nighttime shots.

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