A new home in Sicily

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It’s official. I moved into my new apartment this morning. My one-week tourist experience is now over, with all the extra spending required, and now it’s back to living as frugally as possible. Had a quick coffee and Danish at the hotel and walked all my stuff the mile or so down the road. Must have looked quite the site with my red backpack and huge black suitcase, earplugs and all. Lots of fun lugging that suitcase up the four flights. I did 20 flights in all today, going and coming on my chores.

Guiseppe had done a good job of organizing the furniture as I requested and cleaning the place up. Once I had put all my stuff away, I walked across the street to the market to stock up. The initial stocking is somewhat expensive becuase I have to get all the basics for cooking, plus meats. The store was fairly small and very tight. Total tab was about $90.

Guiseppe showed up as I was trying to cook lunch with rudimentary cooking tools and a gas stove that wasn’t showing much flame. I also forgot such things as butter and salt, so another trip was necessary. Guiseppe made a list of the things he needed to buy for the apartment, like towels, sheets, blanket, shower head, shower curtain, extension cords and a few other items. He then headed off and has been gone for four hours. Hope I don’t have to sleep on a naked bed tonight.

After lunch, decided to look for the other market Guiseppe mentioned was nearby. Turned out to be outside my back door. A much nicer and larger store. Spent another $40.

Finally, grabbed my camera and headed to the water as the sun was going down. On the way, I stopped at the Metropolis, the pool hall. There was no one there playing but they have 7-8 large tables. The manager didn’t speak English but a young girl working there did a little. People start showing up after 8. Tables are 6 euro an hour ($8).

Both the space heaters are going in my bedroom and I’m trying some Italian brandy with Parmesan and dried sausage. The Parmesan is much better than what I was buying in Vodice; the sausage not so much.

Tomorrow’s morning walk will be for exploring my new neighborhood.

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