Bonus blog: Making olive oil

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Had pizza and homemade red wine with the Roskos tonight and, after lots of conversation, Zdravko offered to take me to the local olive oil processing facility. It’s where all the locals, like Zdravko, bring their fresh-picked olives to make into oil. Brought the camera, of course.

The facility is new and maybe about 120×240 feet. Outside, there is a bin that feeds a conveyor belt. Each customer’s olives are dumped here. The conveyor feeds the fruit to stainless-steel, high-pressure cookers inside the building.

The product is then moved by tubes to the mixers, where it looks like brown oatmeal. From there, it goes back to the other side of the building to machines that spit out the final olive oil. The oil’s appearance is almost milky. Zdravko says it’s much better than extra virgin olive oil. The customers bring their own containers to take their oil away – at about 8 cents a pound.

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  1. 2bagsandapack says:

    It was explained to me as i kuna per kilo but I don’t know if that’s the olives or the oil. Given the measurement, it’s probably the raw product, or else they would have said liters.

  2. askewebb says:

    Nice! Is that per raw pound or finished product?

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