Weather in Sicily

From Tripadvisor:

April to June and September to October are the best months for visiting Sicily when


temperatures are mild and you would find fewer crowds.

Summer is very hot and dry, busy, and very crowded, especially in the tourist areas.

August is the worse month to visit Sicily. August is peak tourist season, especially around Ferragosto in mid-August. Services are really strained. Prices are at their highest and many accommodations require a full week’s stay.

Even in summer, Mount Etna’s summit is cold and windy. Mount Etna is snow-free from June to September, but it could snow on Etna by the end of September or early October, but more likely by November to April. You could ski Etna in winter.

The grape harvest (vendemmia) begins in Sicily in August and continues through September. The salt harvest around Trapani also begins in August. September brings the pistachio and hazelnut harvests and September-October brings the olive oil harvest. October is the month to make wine.

Early September is still hot, and the seas are warm from the summer’s heat, but September is less crowded and a good time to visit. Expect a brown landscape in autumn with vines turning reds and oranges. Remember that the rainy season begins in autumn and continues through winter.

November is low season in Sicily. November is a good time to visit cities, and enjoy cultural, culinary, and historical pursuits. Many hotels and restaurants close, especially near beach resort areas, and attractions and outdoor venues reduce schedules. Outdoor venues close early with the onset of darkness.

During winter, Sicily is cool with increased rainfall amounts, but the rain isn’t necessarily continuous.

Sicily’s mountainous interior is colder than the coastal areas. Erice occasionally has a dusting of snow in January or February, but the snow melts quickly and doesn’t stay around for long. The almond trees blossom in Agrigento’s Valley of the Temples.

Some agriturismi close during winter.

Etna’s summit and the highest peaks of the Madonie and Nebrodi still have snow through March.

Early spring can be rainy – March’s weather is viable. March can be rainy and windy. Sicily’s landscape is green in spring and wildflowers bloom throughout Sicily splashing colours throughout the countryside. Enjoy outdoor venues with long hours of daylight.

If you’d like to swim, the beginning of May is the very beginning of Sicily’s swim and beach seasons, but the seas are chilly. The beach season formally begins in June.

Depending on the year, the beach season could continue through October, and occasionally into the beginning of November.

It’s become very difficult to predict Sicily’s weather –Weather patterns seem to be changing and Sicily is complicated with differences between east and west, north and south, mountains, valleys and coast.

Southern and western regions (closer to Africa) usually are typically hotter and drier, and also more susceptible to the sirocco winds from Northern Africa. The strongest winds blow from March to November.

Temperatures between Western and Eastern Sicily are not sufficiently significant to alter itineraries. Travel in elevated area (mostly in the interior) could impact itineraries. The interior has lower temperatures.

Weather forecasts are only reliable within 72 hours.

April, May, June, September, and October are your optimal months to visit Sicily.

Monthly Averages

75°F 23°C
57°F 13°C
66°F 18°C
48°F 8°C
58°F 14°C
43°F 6°C
57°F 13°C
39°F 3°C
58°F 14°C
39°F 3°C
62°F 16°C

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