A bike ride to Tribunj

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Sometimes you just gotta get away. Like I’m not already doing that, but even when you’re “getting away” there are opportunities to get even further away.  Today, I decided to take the bike and ride to a neighboring town I had read about, Tribunj. It’s a “fishing village” that has been overcome by its own quaintness. Not that it isn’t beautiful. Classic old European. Stone buildings and sidewalks. Narrow alleyways. But the town is definitely set up for tourism.

The ride from my apartment to Tribunj was maybe five miles, almost all of which was alongside the water on a concrete/paving stone walkway. Great bike ride. Tribunj is a chick flick, if you know what I mean. Visually awesome. But be prepared to rest to your heart’s content, unless you have some special packages planned. Tribunj is quiet, peaceful.

Brought my fishing gear, of course, and tried off the point where the big fishing boats were docked. Nothing. Did manage to lose one of my few hook/leader/weight combinations. I’m not carrying much fishing tackle with me, and haven’t seen anywhere to buy the stuff, so guess I’ll be using what I have, in whatever way possible, until it’s gone.

It was a nice day. And exploration. Cheese, prosciutto, brandy, pasta and rosemary/garlic chicken finished off the evening.

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