It’s deja vu all over again

Yogi Berra of the 1950’s N.Y. Yankees is credited with that line in the title but it applies to my travels. But first, a mea culpa. I’ve been erroneously referring to the Adriatic Sea as the Aegean. I know better but confused the two because I’m visiting Greece and the Aegean next. Anyway, I’m a dope. Some of my friends will be glad to finally hear me admit that. I have to give credit to one of my blog followers – someone I haven’t met but who intends to do what I’m doing, with setting me straight, in a nice way.  He/she has already provided some nice support and encouragement with my troubles here in Croatia. Now for the news.

Yesterday, I sent e-mails to half a dozen apartment rentals in Zadar. One of them responded that his Zadar apartment was already rented but that he had an apartment in the town of Vodice I could rent for 300 euros a month, plus utilities. It’s normally for tourists at 50-60 euros a night, but since it’s the off-season he will give it to me at the 300/month price. It has all the amenities the well-paying tourists expect, including satellite TV and high-speed Internet, a/c, heat, a BBQ grill. You can view it here: Vodice is 62 kilometers (37 miles) south of Zadar, has a population of 10,000, sits on a bay on the Adriatic, and is a tourist hotspot. The apartment is 700-800 meters from the ocean, about half a mile, which is not too bad, and a bike will be available. And there are several places nearby to visit. Map:

I’m paid up at the hostel until tomorrow (Tuesday, Sept. 20) so I might as well pack up and go. Already told the Vodice landlord, who speaks and writes good English, that I’m coming down on the bus tomorrow. There are seven bus trips from Zadar to Vodice and beyond daily and I plan to catch one about noon. With stops along the way, should take maybe two hours and cost about $10.

The deja vu part comes from a similar situation I had in Costa Rica, where I first found an apartment in Quepos, but realized I didn’t want to stay there after spending a couple of weeks in town. I then moved to Jaco and was much happier. The whole premise of the 2 Bags and a Pack World Tour is to be able to pick up and move on short notice. It took me about 10 minutes to pack my things. One of my options always was to relocate if I wasn’t happy where I was, and I always wanted to locate in a smaller town like Vodice. Zadar is perhaps too large.

My anonymous friend reminded me that the process was all about making contacts with people, networking. Eventually, something will turn up, he/she suggested. My e-mails to apartment landlords in Zadar was a form of reaching out, and it paid off. Call it serendipity, call it fortuitous, call it working the process and the plan, call it my mental energy working again, it doesn’t matter. I’m off to see another part of Croatia.

BTW, we’re going to have storms today. Winds really picking up from the south, clouds blowing in, temps much cooler. Autumn has arrived in Croatia.

The one sad aspect of this move is leaving my new friends, Anita and Mario, but I hope we will continue to be long-distance friends and continue to communicate over the Internet. They were a great help to me in Zadar and provided me with great insights into the Croatian people and culture. Helped me with the language a bit, too. I will miss my angel Anita. See my Facebook page for a video.

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4 Responses to It’s deja vu all over again

  1. 2bagsandapack says:

    The water is still incredibly clear, and blue.

  2. askewebb says:

    I heard from my friends in Italy that the fish is really good coming from the cold, clean Adriatic Sea! Is there still relatively little pollution?

  3. 2bagsandapack says:

    Thanks for the support. My daughter worries when I talk about these problems but I tell her my rants are not of panic but of trying to put the thoughts down in writing so my brain can analyze them better. The next day usually brings new options and ideas. I also tell her that a major reason for the blog is to share these challenges, and their eventual solutions, with readers. I imagine my running around bumping into buildings is somewhat amusing to those who read this stuff. Educational and interesting is what to strive for. I think my tales certainly qualify, for both experienced travelers and novices. Say hi to Robin for me.

  4. erikaarch says:

    You’re not a dope and these sorts of escapades are exactly what many of us find so fun and charming.
    I am writing from Naples Fl and keep calling the Gulf the ocean and marveling at how the sun can set right on it — duh!
    Moving around a lot just challenges our geographic intelligence…..
    Your new town sounds promising!

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