Trying to figure out the rental game

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Based on what I’ve learned so far in finding an apartment in Zadar, there are two certainties: 1. take a decent one as soon as it comes along; and 2. be ready to compromise on amenities. That’s if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on rent.

Today, I waited for a woman to drive down from Zagreb to show us (Mario, Anita and me) a flat in Old Town. Finally got the call right after noon and Mario and Anita picked me up. We drove to the south end of the peninsula so that we could drive onto the former island and park near the apartment house. It is 50 yards from the waterfront, right near the sea organ.

We were led into a dingy building and up to the fourth floor. The apartment has a very small kitchen, bath and a living/sleeping room with two small sofas and a dining table. Also has a balcony with an incredible view. Only had a single-burner hot plate, no A/C and no Internet. I wouldn’t want to live there long-term but for 2 1/2 months I can handle it. I said I’d take it but the woman had someone else coming to see it so we are waiting on a phone call. It rents for 300 euros a month, or about $420.

We then found a cafe for beer and wine and conversations about the Balkan War, American politics, shrinking global natural resources and American excessiveness. I decided to walk back to the hostel and did another tour of Old Town for some more pictures.

Today’s lesson learned: gotta be patient with this apartment hunting. It’s hard to do.

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