Fishing the Adriatic

Nothing much happening on Friday, Sept. 16, but did get word that an apartment we had called previously is going to be available Saturday when the owner comes in from Zagreb. I am supposed to have first crack at it and am waiting for word from Mario on when to go meet the owner. Decided to go to

You can’t beat the locale

Old Town to meet up with Anita, and took my fishing gear. We grabbed a couple of beers and headed to the Old Town sea wall. Didn’t catch anything, but it’s a beautiful venue for fishing, good company and good conversation. Afterward, she showed me a little of the University of Zadar (zah der) and the terrace outside that overlooks the sea. Later, we met Mario to watch my first Croatian sunset, which for some reason I

Anita puts a plastic jig on a hook

didn’t photograph.

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