A Nothin’ Happening Kind of Day

Had high hopes of securing an apartment today – had a couple of prospects in addition to the one I toured Sunday. Needed my angel. Woke up way late – man I haven’t gotten used to the time difference from the U.S. (6 hours) – and called Anita on Skype. She was working until 4 pm so there was no hurry. Found a free Wi-Fi connection out on the deck and did some Facebook photo postings. I have a digital camera now, so I’m going to be a fiend. Pictures, pictures, and more pictures!

Anyway, walked into town using my backpack for the computer instead of the side satchel. Much better. Distributed the weight better. Have to admit that after the previous three days of intensive walking, my feet are getting sore and my legs a little tired. Therefore …

Tomorrow, I move to another hostel for at least two days. It’s much closer to where I walk every day and to the island. Have to share a bathroom, however. Hope she’s cute. The hostel is called Apartment Cvita and can be found searching that name and add “zadar.”

Found Anita at her “kiosk” at the front gate of Old Town. She pulled out a stool for me to sit on, offered me her orange juice and we talked for an hour. Finally, I left to get something to eat (this one meal a day routine reminds me of Vietnam). Went to another Italian restaurant (Anita says there is a heavy Italian influence in Zadar) and ordered a prosciutto/mozzarella combination appetizer. Came with some olives and lettuce/tomato. Excellent. $10. And, of course, a Croatian beer, this time Ožujsko, which tasted similar to the Karlovacko brand I tried yesterday.

Then, back to the angel. Saved some of my lunch in case she hadn’t eaten. Good idea. She was hungry. We moved to the square and ordered a beer, starting on phone calls for apartments. Well, she started. I just listened. The apartment in the front gate area we called about the day before was already rented. The one I had toured was renting to someone for a week, figuring I wasn’t interested. A couple of other calls were fruitless. You gotta act fast, I guess!

After our beers (one I knocked off the table, breaking on the cement) we went back to the apartment Anita shares with Mario, stopping first for liquid refreshment. Their apartment is pretty nice but it’s in a high-rise in the middle of town, so think about a flat in Brooklyn for comparison. I then walked back to the hostel and paid for my two extra days, and then got online to change my temporary address to Apartment Cvita.

Oh, did I mention trying to launder my passport? NOTE: Make sure everything is out of your pockets before dunking them in soapy water. Had to resort to my Costa Rican training and hand wash some things last night. Forgot that my passport was in a pair of shorts. It was soaked but the new version, after air drying, feels more world traveled.

Tomorrow: the search for a home.

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