2bagsandapack Visits Atlanta

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The 2 Bags and a Pack World Tour visited our old haunting ground of Atlanta this past weekend – to do some striper fishing with bubba Mark and for a final poker game with the Poker Pals. My daughter, granddaughter and a friend of hers came along for the ride from Asheville, with the three of them visiting Six Flags Over Georgia on Saturday. They stayed with my son, David, while I was the guest of Mark and his wife June in Sandy Springs.

Friday night, Mark and June put on an awesome dinner of porterhouse steaks, corn on the cob, dirty rice, asparagus spears, two salads, wine and bourbon. Bill, an old friend from my Atlanta International days and a neighbor of Mark’s, and Bill’s wife Barbara were also there, as was Mark and June’s son, Randy, who now lives and works in Angola. Randy has started an Internet hosting firm there. Some spirited 8-ball followed the meal.

The next day started early, about 6 a.m. Mark and I picked up his 25-foot center-console boat near Lake Lanier and launched on a flat lake and clear skies. Five or six hours later, we still hadn’t caught anything. By then, it was hot and the boat was bouncing around from swells caused by wind and all the other boats now on the lake. There went my motion sickness again so we came in, empty-handed.

Saturday night, Mark drove me over to Norcross for the poker game and he stayed for a couple of hands. There were 10 people at the game and someone went home with all the money I lost at the last game two weeks ago. Oh well, easy come … Scotty drove me back to Mark’s about 2 a.m. and we managed to get good and lost on the way.

On Sunday, Kim picked me up and all three girls and I headed back to N.C. Incidentally, there is nothing like riding in a car for a total of about six hours with two 13-year-old girls in the back seat. The report from the six Flags experience was favorable, with several monster rides mentioned.

Next up: reserve a hostel room in Zadar, Croatia, for my first two days, while I seek an apartment, and a final report from Asheville on the end-of-summer festival and my daughter’s rock band’s performance at the event.