Farmers’ market/mail call

Sept. 18, 2010

Farmer’s market

Finally checked out the local farmers’ market Friday. They only set it up on Friday here. I’m told a lot of the sellers go from town to town with their produce, so some of the same people might have been at the farmers’ market in Quepos when I lived there. Anyway, the Jaco version is modest and I found nothing I actually needed to buy. The prices didn’t look all that different from the grocery stores. The market is in the same vicinity at the south end of town as the post office and Jack’s place so I visited both. Had two pieces of mail, which was nice (described below) and Jack was home so we chatted a bit and decided to play pool that night. Jack likes to talk about the girls and recounted how Jasmine (see previous report about her at Ole) would call him incessantly, as would other women he had connected with. “You reap what you sow,” I told him in my best Moses impression. I guess having pretty women call you all the time is a bad thing, at least when there’s money involved. He says my time will come.

Mail call

Always good to get mail but it’s a crap shoot if I have any. Post office is at the opposite end of town so I go about once every two weeks. One package was from my daughter and included a magazine and a nice letter. Letters are good – and so old school. Good stuff!  I always bring a card with “correo para Ken Anderberg” written on it (mail for Ken Anderberg) to show the clerk. He then goes through two drawers in a back room to look for my name. I could reserve a P.O. box but I’m waiting for January when the leases turn over again. You pay the same price for a box whether you get it in September or January. As long as the current systems works, don’t think I need the box.


Lost in the weekly tournament at Tabacon again Thursday night, but at least this time we played 9-ball the way it’s played in the States. Also met a young dentist (Heiner) who was playing who spoke pretty good English. His girlfriend (Karen – cute) was with him and she spoke excellent English. Turns out she worked at a call center in San Jose before she moved to Jaco two months ago to be with her boyfriend, who moved here 11 months ago. He said the opportunities were better here for him than in the big city.  

As an interesting aside, my Mother used to chide me in her letters about my habit of going out to bars at night. “Can’t find the right kind of people there,” she used to say. “Better to go to the museum.” It seems, however, that I’ve been able to meet really good people (and some really not-so-good people) at bars playing pool. A dentist is not bad. A restaurateur is not bad. A jeweler is not bad. A lawyer is not bad (well, maybe). An ex-CIA hit man – well at least he’s a good one to watch your back. all of those types have been met in a bar. So, maybe Mama wasn’t right on that one.

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