Thanksgiving 2010/Puntarenas

Nov. 24

Jack stocks up

Interesting trip Monday to Punteranes. Left at 7 so we could be at the seafood dock early. Quite a chaotic scene. Boats backed up to the dock to unload shrimp, fish and whatever. You could buy right there or across the street at the pescaderia. Jack knew several market owners and walked from place to place like one of those white Europeans in the early 40s flicks about Africa. So he bought 10 kilos of jumbo shrimp, 10 kilos of jumbo shrimp at another place, and 20 (turned into 27) kilos of mahi-mahi at another place. A stop at the city market for a few vegetables and beef filets and he was almost ready for his guests. Total cost – more than $400.

Next, we picked up some ice and headed up the mountain. Last time I was at the restaurant, we had worked on the exterior but the kitchen and bathrooms were a mess. This trip they were spotless and ready for visitors the next day.
We proceeded to pack the mahi-mahi and shrimp in smaller parcels for future use. Efficient operation. I got a few of the tail end filets and had one tonight (Monday). Absolutely delicious – and I don’t really like fish! Simply breaded it, with herbs, and grilled it in a skillet. I also bought about 1.5 kilos of jumbo shrimp at about $10 a kilo, or $5 a pound. Going for $20/kilo in Jaco. Will make some nice dinners.


While this is not a holiday celebrated in Costa Rica, I am going to put together a sort of faux turkey dinner – chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, cranberry sauce, gravy. Stuffing mix costs $3 so I passed on that and will try to make my own. Heck, it’s just for me anyway, so what’s the difference. An alternative might be JacoTaco, which caters to gringos and possibly could be serving turkey. My wallet is getting a little flat after buying groceries today, though, and what I have left needs to last me at least a week until my new ATM card arrives.

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