Residency/pool/new web site

Aug. 8, 2010

Rain was putting a damper on meeting Jack for pool at Tabacon Friday night but he volunteered to pick me up. Played about three hours, got my butt kicked, watched the girls, but all good. He mentioned that he needed to go to San Jose soon and asked if I wanted to tag along. I said sure and told him I was going up Monday for my residency stuff and he offered to take me there. When I told him how much I was going to pay, he insisted. So Jack will take me to the embassy Monday for the cost of a lunch. Savings : $120. Good friend to have. Regardless, we get along great, which is what is important. He has a regular “girlfriend” who he calls weekly (no her name is not Weekly!). He sent me photos. He knew a couple of the women who came into the bar tonight. He also speaks decent Spanish, having been here six years. How do I find these people? My daughter would say that they find me, and she might be right. It’s as if I send out a beacon and what I seek arrives (well, sometimes anyway). If it worked all the time, I’d be rich beyond your wildest dreams. Not my dreams, yours. but these coincidences have been obvious since I began my journey – and Gibbs would tell you there are no coincidences (shout-out to John, my co-NCIS fan friend). BTW, we got done playing pool and Jack insisted on driving me home. I think he needs a friend, too.

Web site

I now, officially, have a second Web site. I hope this to be the first of an inter-related network of sites about healthcare technology. The new site is and focuses, primarily, on electronic medical records. It’s still a work in progress and some tweaks are coming. The content on the site is all accomplished by my surfing the Web, looking for products and whitepapers relevant to the site. So, I post companies’ latest products (for free) and their latest whitepapers (for free). How do I make any money on this stupid idea? I have no idea. But it’s an artistic and intellectual challenge that keeps me motivated and doesn’t cost that much.


Guess I’m starting to think of Jaco as a semi-permanent home now. Got to thinking I really miss not having a cat, but I can’t have one unless I can keep it inside. That’s a little difficult with windows and doors open and no screens. Plus, screens would cut down the insect population, which is worse with this first-floor apartment than it was on the second floor in Quepos. So asked James if he could find me someone to put on a screen door and screens over the windows. He’s more than glad to help because I will be paying for improvements on his property. Looks like it will cost about $200 or so.

About 2bagsandapack

Lifetime journalist, author, magazine editor and publisher, now semi-retired and traveling the world. My plan, after living in Costa Rica for 14 months, was to visit a new country in southern Europe every three months to experience the culture and the challenge of adapting to a new environment, while on a fixed income. That plan was sidetracked when I was offered a job in Indonesia, providing an opportunity to explore Asia. Indonesia lasted for a 4 wonderful years but I have now moved on to Hua Hin, Thailand.
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