Aug. 5, 2010

Grocery day today so a walk to the MasX with my backpack. That’s where they have the meat actually wrapped up in packages, rather than ordering through the butcher case. BTW, did I mention that I ate the other small “pompano” I netted yesterday. It was only about 9-10 inches and had very little meat, but what it had was delicious.

Paid my August rent and utilities today. Cable came to $29; Internet is $40 and electricity for the first 11 days of July was $14. TV and Internet are obviously not the bargain here they were said to be, but still a less than what I was paying in Florida (est. in US: $56 for TV, $56 for Internet, $45 electric).


I haven’t been giving reports on the pool because not much has been happening. I did play with a guy from Plant City, Fla., the other night. He was here with his wife and another couple. Spending two weeks in-country and looking at it for retirement. Sounded like he has some money. Owns a contracting firm and had seen business plummet in the last two years (duh!), but still he can afford a two-week vacation in Costa Rica. He was talking about buying a 45-foot boat and camping it at the marina. He had all the costs and angles figured. For example, he knew that you have to move the boat every year, or was it two. The other half has such problems, it’s staggering. Nice guy and we had a lively conversation. Note: He had no chance on the table.

Dinner Thursday

Like I said, I went to the grocery today, to the good store. Had to replenish my meat supply but I’ve decided I want as little to do with CR beef as possible. The hamburger is awful, even the premium brand. Not even really good in spaghetti sauce. However, this store carries some Americano steaks, pre-wrapped, frozen and shipped. Probably the lesser cuts that might not sell as well in the U.S. but I took a flyer on a package of 3 rib-eyes. They were big enough to split in two, so I got six steaks for maybe $12. Had the first one tonight with a salad.  Fried it in olive oil, with onion and garlic powder, salt and pepper, and some butter at the end. It reminded me of coming back from Vietnam. It didn’t matter how good the first burger and fries were when I came back, it just mattered that it was a burger and fries. The steak turned out to be a little tough but oh-so-tasty. Great meal! Little pleasures mean so much sometimes. Things you take for granted until they are taken away from you. Those of you who have been unemployed for awhile know what I mean.

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