First dental work

Aug. 31, 2010

Those pearly whites

Wednesday, Sept. 1 – Had my first CR dentist appointment today. It was time to get my teeth cleaned and to start with a new dentist. This makes me nervous. Dr. Dario Chaves is a young guy (maybe 35) who went to dental school in CR but spent time with the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota (accounting for his English skills). His office is located around the corner from my apartment (I pass it almost every day) and was pretty Western-looking. His assistant was pretty. The odd thing here is that the dentist does the cleaning, not a hygienist. It was very quick compared to the U.S., and maybe not as thorough. Modern tools were used, with video monitors overhead to keep patients occupied during longer procedures. He also took a mold of my teeth, but didn’t say why – and I forgot to ask. Told him about my possible future need for a root canal and he said he brings in a specialist for that. That typically costs $300-350 vs. $1,300 in the States. Also mentioned possibly getting crowns for my two front, upper teeth (for the smile baby!). BTW, he said my teeth and gums were in perfect condition. Cost: $40.

The key

Saturday I walked into the center of town looking for light fixtures for my overhead lights. All I have right now are light bulbs and wanted something more pleasing to the eye that might also disperse the light better. My landlord told me that Lagat (the local hardware store) would have them on the second floor. I have been in there several times and didn’t realize there was a second floor. They had plenty of light fixtures but all would require working with the electrical connections in the apartment. I don’t do electrical work. I don’t do plumbing. I don’t do carpentry. I don’t do auto mechanic. I leave those to people who know what they are doing, so the bulbs will remain as they are for the time being. BTW, there were some nice dome fixtures for $16 each. Anyway – and the point of this part of my report – is I’ve been meaning to get a copy of my apartment key – just in case – and for some reason decided it was time to find the locksmith shop I had seen previously. I didn’t know why I finally tried to get the task done on Saturday after two months in Jaco. I learned why later. Found the shop but it was closed. I’ll go back. So why did my sudden interest in getting a spare key happen Saturday? Because that night I managed to lose the only key I had (coincidence? I think not) – and there’s no way to get into the apartment without it. It fell out of my pocket at Tabacon after I finished playing pool. I realized my mistake after I had returned home in a light rain, so I immediately walked back. After looking around on the floor, I asked the bartender. Someone had found it and given it to him. Once again, very lucky and, like when I dropped my wallet in Quepos, very fortunate to have honest people find it.

Went to Ole tonight to play pool. Had a table to myself. bought a beer and caught the eye of a beautiful Tica at the bar, She’s in the wrong place, I thought (she was dressed for work). So played for awhile and she eventually came over and asked if she could play. Now we’re talking beautiful face and Playboy bod. She looked Nicaraguan to me but said she was Tica. Her name was Jasmine. I asked if that was her real name or her street name. She didn’t understand. Definitely hot, though. It eventually got around to buying a drink and getting a massage. Now is when you can kick me. I passed. Then I looked at her and said to myself, “Are you nuts?” I asked for her phone number, she said she would find a pen to write it down, and she disappeared. This will certainly not be the last time I will have the same opportunity, maybe even with Jasmine.

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