Mop/Monkey Bar

The mop

I’ve been holding out on getting a mop for my linoleum floors because I couldn’t find a sponge-type head. Not even in San Jose. All they have here is those old-fashioned floppy, white cloth mop heads. You have to buy a handle, an attachment and the mop head separately. I already had a handle for my broom, which can double as a mop handle. Took a trip to the big grocery (MasXMentos). They had the mop head but not the attachment for the handle. Bought some other stuff and stopped at the grocery around the corner from my place for the attachment. My floors are nice and clean now. Even did the “laundry room.” Have I explained what that is? Outside my back door is a 4-walled room that is 11-feet high. The walls are plaster and slightly yellow. There is no way to get out. There is no roof. There is a drain in one corner and a sink for washing clothes in that corner. Over the sink is an overhang and a line to hang clothes to dry. I’m so domesticated.

Monkey Bar

Up until now, I have been avoiding going into the Beatle Bar or the Monkey Bar (at the end of my street) because they’re basically bars to pick up escorts. Thought they both had cover charges anyway. Tonight, however, Jack decided to introduce me to the underside. We played pool for a couple of hours and then he walked back with me to my neighborhood. The Monkey Bar is basically the overflow bar for the girls a block down at the Beatle Bar. Late at night (3 a.m.), the ladies apparently gather at the Monkey Bar. I’ve not gone in yet because I thought there was a cover charge and I wasn’t really interested in being approached. Jack decided that going in would be a good idea. So we had a beer and watched the people. Jack was propositioned but managed to say no. Not really my comfort zone, but there was some nice eye candy.

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