Locked out

June 21, 2010

Locked out

When I moved in, all the bedroom doors had keys in them because they tend to close shut, locked, when a breeze blows through. Water-filled 2-liter Coke bottles are used as doorstops to keep them open. So I have a bottle door stop on both the front and back doors, as well as the bedroom doors. Saturday night I learned why. I was ready to go play pool but, of course, it started to rain. I stepped outside on my balcony, shoeless, to see the rain and the front door slammed shut. I was locked out! So I walked the one block to my landlord’s, barefoot on the ragged road and in the rain. Jose was not there but I managed to use sign language for his wife to understand. She gave me a set of keys and I walked back. Unfortunately, none of the keys worked. I could see through my window that the back door was still open, so I asked my next door neighbor if I could come through his place and climb over the back balcony railing to get in. Now I’m carrying my keys with me in the apartment.


Well, the inevitable boredom has set in. For six weeks in Sarasota I had tasks to do every day as I unbundled myself for my retirement. For more than two weeks here, there was some task I had to do every day. Now, most everything is done and I find myself with time on my hands. Have done some revision on my Web site and tried to create a blog, and have fiddled a bit with the book draft but haven’t really been motivated yet to tackle those in earnest. Yesterday, I applied to two Internet writing sites to do short articles on a variety of topics. They distribute articles to hundreds of Web sites. They don’t pay much but it might be something to keep me occupied. One sent back today that I had been accepted, so will look through their guidelines later to get started.


One of the reasons I’m bored is because there is no real fishing here, and no opportunity to sit on the beach fishing unless I get on a bus to Manuel Antonio. Therefore, I’m seriously considering a move to Jaco. This morning, I went on craigslist and found seven rental units in my price range. Sent them all an e-mail and one replied so far. These are only studios but others I found were one and two BR units. All are furnished. The upside to Jaco is that I can be on the beach every day and would be closer to the water than in Quepos. There are downsides. Jaco is very touristy. Lots of neon on the main street, many Western-style hotels, casinos, more crime. Of course, there will be more expats and more U.S. visitors to interact with. Jaco is also much closer to San Jose and sits at the end of the new highway (heard yesterday that rockslides had closed the highway; not surprising from what I saw of the construction). Jaco is a surfing destination, but also has a marina for sportfishing.

Michael, his visiting girlfriend and I are going to Jaco tomorrow and I will scope out rentals. If I find something, I may move as early as July 1 (sorry Jose). I can rent a car to pack all my new stuff in and make the one-hour drive. This is something I mentioned as a possibility to a number of you – if Quepos wasn’t the right fit I would explore other towns for relocation.

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