Birthday celebration/laundry

June 16, 2010

Just as I was getting ready to go for some pool yesterday, it started pouring. Had held up all day but it had to wait until just the right time. Was considering walking in the downpour but even with my parka it would have been miserable. Fortunately, it stopped 30 minutes later and I was off to get my butt kicked, which I did. Armando was there and I invited him to play on the second table. Final score, 8-ball: 7-1. For my Boars Head friends, he’s like playing Chris or Paul. Make a mistake and it’s all over.

I also stopped at one of the tourist bars on the way back for a birthday drink. Shot of Cuervo.

Laundry picture: I was doing my own laundry (hand washing and hanging to dry) and noticed my neighbor in back doing hers. She has a Tico washer, which has one side for agitating and the right side for rinsing and spinning. The white pipe coming out the bottom is the hose dumping the used water into a concrete ditch that eventually flows into the river. Notice the back door. Oh, that’s right, there is no door, just an opening. Very typical, I think.

My days are starting to take on a similarity. Wake up to the dogs at 6:30, go back to doze, get up for juice and coffee, drink coffee while checking ESPN and USA Today, check e-mail, make breakfast (today: bacon, cheese-scrambled eggs, toast/jelly, milk (leche). Then I usually take a walk. Today, it was just to the Pali for a few items: 2-liter Coke, $2.40; 15 eggs (huevos), $2.70; limes (limon), 80 cents for 6; bananas (banano), 3 for 20 cents; 6-pack of beer, $3.50; salt, $1.50.

Ran into Michael at the store. His girlfriend’s coming for a visit tomorrow, with the possibility of her moving here if she likes it. He’s rented a car for the week. Asked if he would like to take a day trip to Jaco and he does. He says they have a more-Walmart like store there where I may be able to pick up the shelving I’ve been unable to find. If his girlfriend is game, we’ll take the car up there in the next week. Ought to be good for a report or two.

Radio: Right now, I’m listening to a classic rock station from the U.S., streaming through iTunes. No commercials, just music. Sweet!

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